Professor (Ret'd) Gerald (Gerry) A. Freed. B.Sc(Hons), SMIE(Aust), F.A.I.M.

A la retraite à Andernos, Gironde, France et encore à Lauderdale en Tasmanie
Né à Londres, 25 ans en Australie
Double Nationalité - Australienne, Britannique
Épouse, Yolande, Australienne, Française d'origine
Ingénieur, spécialiste en informatique et biotechnologie et de la valorisation of technologie
Membre de l'Institut Australien des Ingénieurs, Fellow de l'Institut de Management Australien
Membre de FAIR depuis 1992, Comité intergouvernementales pour faciliter l'échange et le partage de projets de recherche et leurs valorisations, entre la France et l'Australie

P.D.G. d'entreprises internationales en informatique et technologie médicale
Directeur de Sociétés en Angleterre, Australie, Danemark, Etats Unies, France, Singapour et Suisse.
Professeur de Management à l'Université de Wollongong, Australie
Conseil au Comité Européen pour l'Automatisme de Traitement des Cheques Bancaires.

et activités bénévoles.......................
Membre du Conseil d'Administration et Tresorier -Institut Australien des Ingénieurs de Biomedicine
Membre du Conseil d'Administration et Tresorier Citroen Car Club
Membre du Conseil d'administration et Tresorier de Sydney Chambre de Commerce, Division Medicale
Fondation Directeur du Centre Australien d'Innovation et Concurrence Internationale
Président Cercle d'Affaires Franco-Brittanique Bordeaux
Président Academic Board MBA College Bordeaux
Membre de “Supermarkets to Asia”, Groupes de Travail; Initiative en agri-affaires du Premier Ministre

Retired in Andernos, Gironde, France and now in Lauderdale, Tasmania
Born in London England, 25 years in Australia
Double Nationality - Australian, British
Wife, Yolande, Double Nationality Australian and French

Engineer, specialising in IT and biotechnology and their commercialisation
Senior Member of the Institution of Engineers Australia, Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management
Member of FAIR from 1992-2003, Inter-governmental Committee for the exchange and commercialisation of research projects between France and Australia


CEO of international companies in IT and medical technology

Director of Companies in the UK, Australia, USA, Denmark, France Singapore and Switzerland

Professor of Management at the University of Wollongong Australia, Fellow of the University and occasional lecturer at the University of Sydney.

Adviser to the European Committee on the standardisation and  cross acceptance of cheques in the banking system

and voluntary work.......................

Member of the Board and Hon. Treasurer of the Australian Institution of Biomedical Engineers

Member of the Committee and Hon Treasurer of a Citroën Car Club

Member of the Board and treasurer of the Sydney Chamber of Commerce, Medical Division

Founding Director of ACIIC Ltd the Australian Innovation Centre

Member of "Supermarkets to Asia" working group; an initiative of the then Prime Minister of Australia

Member of the Committee of "English in Andernos"

President of the FBBA at Bordeaux (Franco-British Business Association)

President of the Academic Board of the Bordeaux MBA College

French representative on the ACI (Amicale de Citroën Internationale)

Member of the Committee of the DCPL South West region ( a classic car club)

Webmaster of A.P.A.C.A (another car club)

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As an experienced business operator and analyst, Gerry was able to bring to a directorship an above average command of account and finance for a non accountant, first hand experience of international negotiations, manufacturing and marketing and a very broad range of understanding of technologies and product innovation.

In recent years a Director of:-

Datamatic Holdings Ltd
The Illawarra Technology Corporation Ltd as a University nominee.
T.A.S.C.- The Centre for Technology and Social Change
Antrec Ltd- a defence equipment supplier.
Complimentary Technologies Ltd - a joint venture in electronics with B.H.P.
Redox (Singapore) Ltd. an international licensor for a new large scale chemical production technology.
Fidcor Inc. - a U.S. based software consultancy house.
Tytel Pty. Ltd -a telephone manufacturer.
Polymer Systems Technology Ltd - An intelligent materials researcher
Video Tutor Holdings Pty Ltd - An educational systems software designer.
AMP Private Investments Pty Ltd
Jamison Equity Ltd
Fidcor Holdings Pty Ltd
Member of Investment Committee  of  Venture Capital Funds in several countries.
Member of advisory board of a CRM implementation company.
Advisory Board member of TCW/TDICI venture fund in Bangalore, India
and have held Directorships in the U.S.A, U.K. France, Switzerland and Denmark

and currently:- Founding Director of ACIIC Ltd – The Australian Innovation Centre at Sydney University.


Represented Nucleus on the council of its industry trade association,
American technical associations and various committees associated with
government support of high technology industry, including being Hon Treasurer of the
DIME division of the Sydney Chamber of Commerce.
Past President of the Australian Federation of Medical and Biological
Engineering, President of the N.S.W. affiliate and Hon. Treasurer of the
Institution of Biomedical Engineers.
Participated in a number of enquiries and seminars concerned with venture capital and the education and
training challenge of entrepreneurial technology management.
Was a member of the French Australian Chamber of Commerce and A.F.A.S. (An organisation for management who have had a career or education segment in France).
Lectured part-time at Sydney Technical College to Post - certificate students of Biomedical Engineering.
Represented B.L.E.Capital. on the Australian Venture Capital Association.
Featured in ABC Four Corners showing technical enterprise in Australia. and
an ABC mini-series on Australian innovations.
Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management and in 1992 addressed a joint meeting with the Institute of Market Research on the Management of High Growth Enterprises.
Senior Member of the Institution of Engineers(Australia) and a member of its College of Biomedical Engineering.
Past Member of the Australian Business Network and its Consultancy Group
Member of Supermarkets to Asia, Working Parties
Member of Steering Committee of F.A.I.R. (France Australia Industrial Research)
Speaker at numerous International and local conferences on Venture Capital, Corporate Governance, R&D issues, Internet and Social Futures.




Selective Boys Grammar School- Harrow, England
G.C.E-"O" levels in Pure Maths, Applied Maths.,Physics, Chemistry, English and French.
G.C.E. A-levels in Pure Maths., Applied Maths., Physics and Chemistry.
Awarded by nationwide exam., a State Scholarship in Mathematics.
University of Manchester, England.
Upper Second Class Honours Degree in Physics with Electrical Engineering. Major specialisation in computer programming.
Final year thesis in analogue simulation of majority logic applied to neural structures.
Post-graduate research in computer simulation of self- adaptive biological systems using neural logic networks.
Programming experience in machine languages on Ferranti Mk1 and Mercury and in Autocode.
A variety of short courses including :-
1959 Scientific Russian
1960 French for foreigners
1963 French Conversation
1965 Accounting for Non Accountants
1972 Italian Conversation
1973 Common Market Commercial Law
1974 Board of Trade Yacht master's Certificate
1980 Negotiating
Informally and continually from students, colleagues and a rich experiental exposure.

Publications and Presentations


July 2002 

Retired from executive roles

Aug 2000 – June 2002

Based in London working on development of a venture capital Technology Fund for AMP. Investment Committee member of a an Israeli Venture Capital Fund and managing a technology investment portfolio. Advising on technology to Henderson Private Capital. 

2000 Jan – July 2000
Consulting to Australian government agencies and companies on e-commerce implementation  and business transfer to the US, based in California.

1998 - Dec1999
Advising AMP Ltd Group Development on its development in India - developing  an infrastructure fund and relationships with major financial institutions and venture capitalists. Developing  a $100 million Asian Fund of Funds for investing with joint venture investment management companies in India and Korea. Monitoring investment opportunities  and technology developments in e-commerce.

1994 -1998
One client, AMP Investments Ltd. wished to develop their activities in unlisted investments. Following an advisory role for some two years - Responsible, on contract, for the management of the unlisted segment of the portfolio of some $1.5 Billion, with 8 staff. Continued to act as a non-executive director of ACIIC, run a small software company and speak at a variety of conferences on R&D and Investment. Have been advising a CSIRO division on restructuring and downsizing, while arranging commercial linkages from 1993-95. Managed the AMP investment interest in Stanbroke, the largest Australian cattle producer and various technology, retail and logistics businesses. Member of the Private Equity investment Commitee.

1992- 1994
With a colleague from Wollongong, founded the Australian Centre for Innovation and International Competitiveness at Sydney University. It is sponsored by the Faculty of Engineering and the Graduate School of Business among others. Internally we are providing management courses to engineers and strategy and technology subjects to the MBA program. Externally we are consulting to large corporations and influencing public policy mainly in corporate restructuring to create global competitive capability. CSIRO was an important client with whom we developed new approaches to managing commercial relationships.

In recent years have been a sought after speaker at conferences, seminars, dinners etc including an Asian Venture Capital Conference, CEDA luncheon, Price Waterhouse Partners Training Course, Australian Academy of Science, DITAC workshops, Australian Manufacturing Council, Australian Taxation Office and AOTC dinners.

Author of a number of reports and papers for consultancy clients including three papers for the Industries Commission report on Availability of Capital 1991 - Threats behind the Recession, The Nucleus Story and Signals by the Financial Community. Also in 1991 a report for the AMP on the venture capital industry in Australia.

Consultancy practice includes creating strategic alliances between larger companies and in merger and acquisition structuring and negotiation. An active member of the Steering Committee of FAIR for DIST and the French Government. In this role has been the keynote speaker in launching the initiative in Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane then in Lyons, Marseille, Toulouse and Montpelier (in French). Hosted on behalf of the Chairman of FAIR an international workshop to stimulate investment in satellite communications in April 1993.

Accepted an invitation of the Vice Chancellor of Wollongong University to take up a Chair in Management, with the intention of encouraging growth industries in the region. Took over the MBA program but found that the main market was overseas students as the local market quickly saturated. Found my audience mainly public servants and so renegotiated this role to that of a Professorial Fellow, allowing consultancy and research in Sydney. Specialised in International Corporate Strategy and in the Management of Innovation.

A founding director of the Illawarra Technology Centre. Using funds from the Federal and N.S.W. State government and the University's support we created a starter environment for new technology based companies. This responsibility broadened with the formation of the Illawarra Technology Corporation, evolving from an incubator of some 14 start-ups to a marketing outreach for the University of Wollongong. For this contribution was made a Fellow of the University in 1988.

1984 to 1992
Retained by Business Loans and Equity Capital Ltd. as a consultant to provide investigations of equity investment opportunities in a variety of industries, advising and monitoring a number of technology based start-ups and high risk ventures. This included the support of companies in difficulties and their divestment, including the sale of a South Australian fertiliser distributor to Western Mining, sale of a pump manufacturer to a U.S. company, re financing of an electronics manufacturer, rescue of a car accessory manufacturer, floating of several businesses etc. Usually had at least two of these in progress at any one time.
With B.L.E.Capital reviewed over 3000 companies for investment. Tracked 20 companies in which investments were made and have done detailed investigations of nearly 200. Also supervised the similar work of three other experienced businessmen.

1983 to 1998
Managing Director - Video Tutor Holdings Pty. Ltd -The Computer Learning Centre.
A specialised software company founded to develop computer based training tools for small business managers. Developed an authoring system marketed by Sperry Univac. Developed and installed a computer simulator for training Electric Train Drivers at the SRA of NSW. Designed domestic security and home environment management systems.

Chief Executive Designate - Ausonics Pty. Ltd.
In June, again asked to join an ailing operation, Ausonics Pty. Ltd, which exported ultrasonic imaging systems. There, negotiated a $28M O.E.M. agreement in the U.S. In spite of this, it was impractical to significantly alter the course of this business within the financial constraints imposed so recommended its absorption into the holding company. When this was undertaken, declined a management role in the new structure. During extensive travelling to my offices in the UK and Switzerland had contracted a serious viral liver and cardiac infection and was advised to reduce stress levels.

1981 - Date
Director Fidcor Holdings Pty. Ltd.
Developing this theme, formed a consulting company that initially designed and implemented programmes for annual budgets, production planning, cash flow forecasting and new product introduction. Currently focuses on strategic advice on investment and business development much of which centres around e-commerce and the Internet.

Chief Executive - Medtel Pty. Ltd
Took over a poorly performing marketing company in the group, selling diagnostic imaging equipment. Combined this with the monitoring division, negotiated its purchase from Telectronics and formed a new company, Medtel Pty. Ltd.
For four years its chief executive, doubling sales whilst reversing its loss making trend. Export sales were lifted and Australian distribution was rationalised to reflect reduced government spending. During this period held directorships in several of the group's operating companies:-
Medtel Pty. Ltd. Director & Chief Executive
Medtel Corporation(U.S.A.). Director
Domedica Pty. Ltd Director
Ausonics Pty. Ltd. Director
Main contribution was in international activities, exploring export markets, understanding overseas trends and finding new agencies for imports. During a visit to the U.S in 1980, first appreciated the value of microcomputers as a management tool. On return gave introductory courses to the senior management in spreadsheet use for internal budgeting and forecasting.

Technical Executive - Telectronics Pty. Ltd
Chief Executive - Monitoring Division, Telectronics Pty. Ltd.
Telectronics, having taken in a major French partner, was in transition from a local engineering dominated company to a multinational marketeer. Joined Telectronics Pty. Ltd, as Technical Executive of the monitoring division. Restructured a loss making R. & D. and manufacturing unit and led a new product development which won design awards and contributed towards the companies export award. Then was appointed Chief Executive of the division responsible, in addition, for an Australia wide sales and service organisation and for international marketing.

Managing Director Domino Boats Pty. Ltd.
Started a small boat assembly and retailing operation in partnership with a U.K. company. Boat designs were transferred to the U.K. for manufacture. including one of the early design inflatable inshore rescue boats. Boating interests led to a meeting with Paul Trainor, then the chairman of the Nucleus Group.

Becoming concerned with industrial prospects in the U.K. and my children's
future, retired, sold out equity and settled in Sydney.

Trend Communications Ltd. Managing Director.
The combination of over expansion and the failure of a major creditor forced the sale of the company to a substantial public company, Plantation Holdings Ltd. Responsibility was widened to include directorships of several group companies with line responsibility, mainly in a company doctoring role.
These included:-
Comdata Ltd.(Software) Deputy Chairman.
Trend Scandinavisk A/S Director.
Trend S.A. President.
Southern Communications Ltd. Vice Chairman.
Midland Circuits Ltd. Vice Chairman.
In addition, a director of the holding company, jointly owned with I.C.F.C.(now 3i- the minority shareholder in BLE Capital). There duties included negotiating acquisitions and divestments. On departure, Trend had grown to over 300 staff and was making 12% N.P.B.T. on sales.
Group role gradually evolved from line manager to company doctor rescuing several of the group's acquisitions which were not satisfactory. These were restructured or sold off as appropriate. By a combination of such a rescue and an acquisition, a capability was established in computer controlled message switching and Comdata became a major supplier to Cable and Wireless, for their international telex network.
All the companies had a high R. and D. expenditure approaching 10% of sales.

Restructured the company to bring in additional working capital and established new manufacturing facilities. The company was the designer of arguably the first practical word processor. It was manufactured in substantial quantities and marketed in the U.K. and the U.S. as the Farrington 1010. It was this development that first brought me to Australia, where STC were our distributor.
Trend was also the first manufacturer in the U.K. of self service filling stations initially with Avery Hardoll and then with Wayne Dresser. It supplied the electronic controls for the first thousand such stations in England.
Working with the British Post Office, Trend designed the first standardised instruments for the monitoring of data transmission services. It further collaborated with them to introduce the first British Auto answering modem services and the first computer-telex link.
Trend data transmission test equipment has been used to establish the quality of public data facilities by national telephone authorities, armed forces and computer suppliers in over 50 countries. During this period participated in one of the first technology trade missions from the U.K. to the U.S.A. Set up an international network of agents and subsidiaries in Scandinavia and France. Valuable experience was gained as the Chairman of a Danish company and the President Director General of the French operation. Built Trend's exports up to 85% of sales.

led j/v with TCS Bombay in a development project to manufacture a large scale data conversion system. Shelved by TCS failure to find hard currency funding.

Managing Director - Trend Electronics Ltd.
Founded Trend Electronics Ltd. in partnership with an electronics manufacturing company, to market a range of data transmission and business systems equipment.

European Banking Automation Committee - Technical Adviser
Used connections in Banking Automation in the European market to start a consultancy practice in credit card and cheque encoding and sorting.

Marketing executive (Western Europe) Business Systems Division of Crosfield
Electronics Ltd.
Responsible for establishing a market for document handling and reading equipment in France and Italy. Seconded to Credit Lyonnais in Paris to advise the European Banking Automation Committee on the magnetic ink encoding and international clearing of bank cheques. The system adopted(CMC7) is still the E.U. standard.

Chief Engineer Adrema Ltd. Managed introduction of Farrington OCR systems into the U.K.
Developed first digital keyboard, operated embossing machines for credit cards in Europe.

Development engineer on digital instrumentation at Solartron Ltd. (Schlumberger Corp.).


Nationality:- Australian/British  Britannique/Australienne

Date of Birth:- 18th. July 1937

and here she is

Marital Status:- Married - Yolande Huguette – Retired Accountant –

Nationality:- Australian/French  Française/Australienne

and here are her French great grandfather, great great grandfather and mother + great aunt, circa 1915 - photo printed on a post card, sent to sons fighting in the trenches and returned in 1918

et voici sa famille Française - son arrière arrière grandpère assis, son arrière grandpère, arrière grandmère et sa grandtante Louise. Une photo de 1915 envoyée en carte postale à des fils dans les tranchées et retournée en 1918


et l'histoire de son pére, un résistant pendant la guerre de 1939








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