Ma Panhard 24CT
Panhard and owner - photo gus robinson and again. Note original garage folding doors and yet again When it was delivered to us. Old rego plates In the garage now with overhead  roller door
Bonnet with compressor They are contemporaries - 1963 The final drive configuration. The central spiral drives the speeedo cable and also pumps the oil back down the hollow pinion and shaft to the gears A view through the opening between the rear seat and the boot. The fuel tank drops in there. The exhaust (since renewed) has an in line resonance chamber, a low impedance pipe and then a transverse silencer with twin outlets all to optimise the gas flow. The distributor, driven by a vertical shaft from the oil pump that has a slotted hollow section which behaves as a vacuum pump. It feeds the gearbox to maintain a low pressure and retain the oil.
The carburettor is warmed by exhaust pipe heat. As it is fed by pipes from both exhausts, there would not be much tranverse warm air flow unless it was forced from one to the other. This deflector gasket creates the asymmetry needed. The front of the car as I first dissasembled it Engine during reassembly with new pistons etc. Note chevron timing gears and valve torsion bar covers The valves showing the alignment between copper shims and the hydraulic tappets DSC06916
The low pressure oil feed to the tappets and the non return valves using brass clips in the oilways another view of the engine assembly with temporary exhausts for bench testing Centre of the timing gear showing the piston that actuates the oil pressure switch in the timing cover The timing gear The timing cover showing the pressure switch and the slipping clutch for the cooling fan
The engine and gearbox removed, then the springs The narrow omega profiles for stiffening the floor At the driver's feet, floor removed The garage floor below the car before floor repainting Tentative assembly of the floor to check dimensions, big hole for gear selector, little ones for drain plugs
below the passenger's feet - floor removed The floor panel in 1mm steel, electro zinc Through the car from passenger side Floor on bench ready for welding Crude extra plate welded in by old repairer - under the rear seat
Almost finished floor hidden from roving metal collectors Engine removed, the lifting begins- Noël studies the limit of the crane- note the problem of clearing the folding door. The brake drum and wheel system is clearly visible Michel studying the crane from the other side and Noël risks a car on his foot for a closer look view from boot, car supported on wooden planks and blocks
The front drive train showing the tube which bolts to the front tube of the body. It also supports directly the shocks. The gearbox is ahead of the tube hidden in a welded box which supports the cradle holding the engine The front train, engine view. Note that the engine is supported by its exhaust pipes - unique? The second crane is installed on the other side and Michel prepares for the final lift Nearly vertical Now vertical and Michel is setting up the wooden blocks
Vertical seen from under the engine bulhead The rear suspension Bringing in the motor Rear frame corner gusset passenger side. Not jacking point and crude add on for seat belt and the ledge for welding on the floor opposite gusset driver's side being removed
Passenger side rear lower flange removed driver side rear flange removed rear floor mount cleaned for rust treatment First fit of floor - perfect Driver side front flange before removal
Passenger side front flange before removal Front suspension -work of art front suspension showing joint on the tubular chassis member, steering rack and stub axles. Note fabricated lower arms more suspension The stub axle
axle assembled suspension reassembled note handbrake cable and drive shaft damper ready to accept the front drive train front train less engine and gearbox , note alloy finned drums a crane is invaluable - 2 tonnes max.
The ends of the tube greased for reassembly. ready to slide into the tubular frame chassis On its way Almost in place getting closer
DSC06970 fitted bolted in place With a hollow bolt each side engine and gearbox slide into the box.
In place - note fan,  generator and starter The gear selector turret waiting to be fixed and adjusted. the black exhaust pipes heat the block under the carby. On the bench - note the oil distribution to the tappets The front of the gearbox and clutch housing The speedo take-off
speedo take-off pinion and the selector rods exposed The selector rods Cover of the intermediate drive shaft, coupling to drive shafts below removing the output flanges Turns the wrong way on that side!
DSC06985 The diff behind the intermediate drive pinion, note roller bearing. The output shaft housing cover - note the needle and roller  bearings- money no object other side unscrews normally
Cover showing yet another needl roller bearing This side -another roller race Adjustment screw on side of box which limits 4th gear selector movement to facilitate assembly unscrewed to release the selector The intermediate shaft, note chevron gears
The output shaft, hollow and lubricated from the hypoid pinion end The input shaft colinear with the output - locked to provide a direct drive in 3rd. Front bearings - main ball race (removed by heating the alu casting) and secondary shaft - needles DSC07003 The diff
The diff Intermediate output shaft with crown wheel, speedo gear and oil pump and drive pinion to the diff. The finned alu drum and its fixings The front brake shoes. The drums have a steel lining
Boot repairs Roof to be repaired Boot perimeter recreated The sand blaster Floor in place, welding started
Welded in place with gussets The floor inside welded in place The floor protected with Restom Epoxy Paint and Sound deadening. Longitudinals filled with Restom protective wax. The parcel shelf with epoxy primer The floor inside with restom epoxy Primer and Sikaflex e-cure sealant
Modied delivery system for anti-rust wax in closed sections Restom 4010, compressed air gun and extended delivery tube. A happy Michel after the body was turned around. Front of body awaiting drive train Drive train waiting in front garden
Installed Better view of the installation with Simone The tank with zinc alu paint to help theoriginal electro-zinc The other view of the tank with GS behind Front view, waiting for fuel and ignition
Driver's seat temporarily in place The welding shop in the boot - waziting for a bottle of gas Temporary set up of the dash The tank Restom expoxy painted The tank in place
With a layer of felt it forms part of the boot floor electrics in place, ready to start turned around under her own power 7dec 2014 DSC00775 Driven up on ramps
The carby was flooding, needle valve came loose!??? There was once a prisoner nut there DSC00809 rust on the bracket holding the passenger door seal. Vestige of the old floor
epoxy primer to protect the roof behind the chrome trim Left over primer to add a layer in a closed box inside the front wing Michel removes rotted rubber door trim Crack in the steering wheel Yes, the front wings fit.
and at the front My favourite epoxy primer The dashboard will get cleaned real soon but first the windscreen has to go in and its identical twin, the rear window.
Alain retouches the rear panel with epoxy primer. This panel had its lower half rotted through and was rebuilt with a right angle strip grafted in. Captive nut - Panhard style. Weld the tabs to the panel and don't forget to put the nut inside. The windscreen in place The boot ready for lining with felt. The front wings are on but the lamp connections are diabolical.
The back end is pretty tidy,  new boot seal and remanufactured rear panel Simone installs the passenger seat to cut the carpet around Underfelt in place. Ready, but not quite for the Contrôle technique 16 Jan 2015 DSC00907
The N-S cable across diagonal and the E-W bottom right The E-W cable, outer right and inner left near reversing switch. Domainant black tube carries low pressure to gearbox for oil retention. The reversing switch. LH cable is the hand brake Twin choke carby centrally mounted on inlet pipes, neatly restricting access to the gearbox as at 4th Feb 2015. out for a road test
not all the trim is on until the respray GS in background Waiting for the container 20/4/2015 The removalist`s truck The engine number
The car driven to the transporter and winched on nearly there in place DSC00976 Waiting by the container
On its way to the container Backing to the container Just a bit too high ready to slide in With a good push
In place just enough room DSC00985 DSC00986 hand brake on
Getting the chocks ready The platforme leaves and the chocks are nailed down DSC00991 The sump
Ready to lock up Au revoir - a bientot en Tasmanie Final locking and the seal in place Last view of the container
and the removalists